Boerne, Texas USA
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What exactly is the Executive End Zone?

The Zone is a group of selected peers who meet monthly. Each member has 2 tasks on the agenda.

  1. Take value back to their business.
  2. Provide value to their fellow members.

Is it lonely as Leader? Who understands your challenges, the issues you face?
Leadership demands separation. You likely have a few key contributors, a lawyer, an accountant and they serve you well. But who really understands what it is like to meet payroll, provide job security, pay the fees and the bills? This group of like-minded similar leaders will understand. We call the End Zone group a team.

How do your ideas, your plans stand the test of clarity and challenge today? The team meets monthly to focus on the current challenges – issues confronting our members. The Team unpacks the issue and helps each other gain clarity. Fellow-Owner/Leaders become informal advisors, participating in a guided process specifically designed to press the boundaries of the challenged member and ultimately improve their company performance.

Who is on the Team?

Leaders seeking greater success, like you. Executive End Zone members are selected from the San Antonio area, from diverse industries, economics, business models, ethnicity, customer base, religious persuasion, education. etc. The magic of the room begins with diversity of thought. The opinions in the room will be different than your own.

The room will tell you when your world is flat and your BBQ is dry and tasteless. Are you ready to be pressed to grow? This isn’t for everyone. Is it for you?

Can you find a new perspective? Those challenges, difficulties are not attacking you, they are happening for you. It is a time to shine brighter, to learn and grow. It can be about you, your success.

What are the benefits?

Top line and bottom line growth is the intended benefit. The path to achieve these results is to improve you. You are the ROI. The experience is similar to a case study in a Masters program, but the subject is you and your business. Members are already successful. Our members have the desire, courage, authenticity and humility to grow beyond. Members do not want to be blocked or stagnate by their own shortcomings. They are seeking new insights to be green and growing.

No one of us has all the answers. Not one of us is smarter than the next. We all have value to add. What impact might one suggestion have on your customer, your relationships, your personal story? You will gain greater insight on the value you can provide to your customers. You are the ROI.

What happens in the meeting?

First we focus on the high impact Sales Opportunities. We seek to understand the true value, your solution to the customer & the proposal for delivery. We build a strategic sales plan for that big presentation focused on aligning the customer What, How, Why, values with your message.

Next we address the strategic issues that can move the needle for a member and their company. We question who, what, where, why and how. We do root cause analysis on why it is big for you, why you haven’t already moved on it, then we propose insights. When we understand where you are, we propose solutions and help you craft an action plan.

Everyone brings that problem that is keeping them up at night. Members bring strategic issues and personal issues. We work those issues in sub-groups following the same pattern as the strategic issues. The group decides whose issues get worked. The chair will ensure each member’s issues are getting addressed.

As we complete the action plans, we assign fellow members to stay in touch with those affected. We want to be certain the solutions are working. If they aren’t, we take immediate action to support the member in need. Members report back the following months on the progress and success of those actions. If everyone in the room learns from the experience. Imagine a graduate level case study, the focus is your business and everyone gets to celebrate the results. It is dynamic, exhausting, exhilarating, emotionally charged, all of that positive energy focused on you and your business. How can you fail? How high can you climb? In the end, what is gained is all about you. Are you ready?

What types of businesses belong?

Diversity is the key. Members are running employee based models and contractor leveraged models. Members are 30+ in age. A few are minority owned, female owned. They represent experience from a variety of industries including, .Oil and Gas, Service, IT, Engineers, Architects, Designers, Manufacturers, and Sales & Marketing. A broad base of opinionated leaders create the magic that creates value.

Will they really understand me? Isn’t a group in my industry better for me?
Maybe. The magic of the guided process requires diversity. There is a time in your development to learn best practices and common knowledge from the industry. At what point do you begin to learn to create new value for your customers, to differentiate, How will the inbred thinking of industry groups create those insights? What might you learn from successful leaders whose insights are not restricted by the “unwritten rules” of your industry. You know, the idea that it has to be done this or that way. Perhaps 80% of those insights aren’t practical. How will the 20% move the needle for you? It is about you.

What kind of folks become members? Are they successful?

The interview process to be selected as a member seeks successful leaders and specifically avoids companies who are in a downward spiral. All businesses experience the occasional bump in the road. The Zone is comprised of successful executives who desire a greater level of success. They have the desire and courage to learn and grow. The group forming will have MBAs, a PhD., an engineer, a high school grad in a great business, former Big 6 accounting firm experience. Successful companies from both white and blue collar models will be present.

You can’t play it safe and expect to reach your highest potential. You have already taken some risk to reach this point. Are you willing to risk further to reach higher? We provide the End Zone and format. Ultimately, it is about you.