Boerne, Texas USA
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Do you ask for the order? I am surprised how often small businesses wait for me the customer to close me. How many deals are lost for lack of asking? There are many appropriate techniques to ask for the business. When we learn to be aligned with the customer What, How and Why, asking should become natural. Each selling situation can be unique so we will learn many approaches to asking for their business.

• Many deals are lost for lack of initiative to close the deal
• A deal can have multiple closes for graduating phases of activity and relationships
• Discover Objections or Obstacles
• The Science of the Close – so many options – here are a few

Trial Close or Position Assessment = If you were to make a decision today, which option would you pursue 1._________, 2. _______, etc?
Assume the Sale = We have established a strong relationship and proposal. Let’s get started.
Direct Request for business = “what do we need to do ………
Conditional Close= If-Then = “If I can show ______, how ______ then you will be willing to ______”
String of Affirmations = “You like 1______? Customer says YES, You like 2 _____ ? Customer says Yes, Then you are ready to get started…” Customer says _______ Yes
Elimination Theory Close = So we identified your needs to be ________ (List customer primary What and How and Why) So you like _______, it will work like ________, it fits (budget, timeframe). What keeps you from getting started?
Option Close = Would you prefer ______ or ________
I’m Confused Close = So I am confused. Help me understand your thoughts. List of questions around suitability of alignment to Whats and Hows.
Deadline Close = We must decide by _______ in order to achieve ___________.
Process Close = We agreed at the start your process to a decision included ______(List process steps defined at start of sales cycle) What do you need from us, what is process to make the decision?
Extra Close = We can also add _____ to the proposal when you sign today
NOTE: Once customer says Yes to close, get signature and get out. You cannot sell it twice.

  • It is human nature to doubt a decision
  • Affirm the intended benefits business and personal
  • Any cards held back from Presentation & Close can be played here