Boerne, Texas USA
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Relationships are a primary success driver for small businesses. We can learn to confidently develop relationships whether we are shy or outgoing. Yet there is little available to small business owners and leaders to intentionally grow and have the capacity to instill successful relationships. At the Executive End Zone will learn and instill processes to build sustaining relationships. Our teams are led by multiple disciplines, including a successful Business Executive and Professional Coach.

At the End Zone, we will learn to understand the core needs of the relationships involved in our success. All individuals have basic emotional needs. We feel the need to be:
• Accepted, Respected
• Competent
• Cared For
• Part of something greater than ourselves


We naturally attract relationships that can help us grow. Others seek a relationship with us for their own growth. Relationships can be greatly influenced by the integrity of those involved, shared experiences, reciprocity and developing mutual trust. Being truthful, finding time to invest in the relationship, contributions by both parties, and feeling accepted, trusted are all foundational elements in building strong relationships.

Our close relationships, like employees, customers, vendors, contractors and even the newer relationships, the prospective customers are all seeking these attributes in a relationship. But these are not the sole attributes. We each individually have patterns of attributes that we have adopted as part of our personal story. The individual patterns and influencers make some relationships more comfortable for us than others, these are communication patterns, thought patterns, speech patterns, regional patterns, diet patterns, humor patterns, religious patterns the list could go on and on. As leaders, we need to be cognizant of other external behavior patterns that make each individual unique.

The following a few key attributes which will permeate our communication and time together.
• Conflict
• Positive Energy
• Alignment
• Sustaining profitable relationships
• Family – a key part of our success