Boerne, Texas USA

Creating AIR

We will find many approaches to help you identify and stretch to increase your personal energy, your magnet for growth. In the Case Study approach, we will work on Energy. The heart of the Case Study approach is to create AIR to the gremlins in ourselves and our business. The concept is to discover the blocks or gremlins that are holding us back and get them out into the AIR so our intellect can deal with them directly.

A = Awareness – get the blocks or gremlins to the surface, to our intellect

I = Integration – understand and cognitively accept the block or gremlin is a part of you

R = Release – let it go. The block or gremlin doesn’t have power. It is a choice.

Ultimately this process is all about improving you. You will participate to the extent you are ready. The success and growth of your business is often affected by this decision.