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Individual – Developing Leadership skills as an individual contributor

Self Emotional Core

Pattern of the Successful Leader. Does management position, power in an organization equal leadership skill? If it does, how do the CEO’s of the Fortune 100 make into their roles before everyone in front of them dies or leaves? Most were promoted ahead and over peers and former bosses. Are their leadership skills substantially less at age 30 as a manager, or did the organization discover the asset and invested to grow their capabilities? One primary function of today’s HR group is to implement processes and tools to discover early the potential mega-leaders of tomorrow and begin that investment early, developing the CORE strength of the future leadership team. It is called loosely progression planning. How are you building, growing your LEADERSHIP CORE Strength? What “muscles” need to be conditioned and strengthened?

Positive energy can have the highest level of impact on the success of many executives. Each day the internal voice speaks thoughts positive and negative. The voice can be trained. It is easy to listen to the negative. Be proactive and disciplined. Learn to be positive. In my career, all the executives I met in the C-Level or their direct reports saw the glass half full. It is the chicken or egg affect. What comes first, the confident positive energy or the promotions and success? You can choose to have positive energy. Positive energy attracts positive relationships.

This may be the most precious asset of the Executive. It works somewhat like a bank account. Our words and actions accumulate trust in an account. A mistake can make a withdrawal, but if we confess and own our mistakes (avoid the blame game) the withdrawal is minimized. If we blame and cover up, when we are caught, the withdrawal is expanded. Each day we build or withdraw from the account. When the accounts gets low, even a tiny inconsequential mistake can be the catalyst for rejection of the leader.

Seasoned executives are consistent and reliable. You can count on the Executive to deliver on their promises, follow through on their commitments, keep their word. The executive lives life through the lens of their values. Do they occasionally overlook a meeting, forget an assignment, fail to return a message? Yes, everyone is human. How can the Executive can climb the ladder of success beyond the capacity of their character? We may not agree with their values, their principles, but we know they stand for them. Their character is reliable.

Seasoned executives have learned to leave excuses behind. They seek opportunities to challenge themselves. Goals and rewards for achievement are a common part of their personal and business activity. They measure daily activities with intention, priorities and values.

How often in business are we tempted to exaggerate facts? It is a part of the human condition that we see facts through the lens of our story. So any multiple individuals witnessing a significant event will witness through the lens of their life story and tell “Truth” from that point of view. How much complexity do we add with exaggeration, white lies, half-truths and hidden meanings? How has the use of these affecting the bank account of TRUST in your relationships? The consequence of Non-Truth is a withdrawal from the core of all our personal patterns, Positive Confidence, Integrity, Trust, Character and Self Discipline.