Boerne, Texas USA
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Sustaining profitable relationships

People don’t operate well in isolation. We get lonely, we are built with a need to work with others. Relationships are best built and sustained one to one. We need relationships to influence and support. Friendly and assertive communication is a key to sustaining relationships. Conflict can be part of any relationship. Mistakes are part of the human condition. How do you respond to mistakes? We will communicate something, with some it is Blame, others Avoid. When we learn to assertively quickly align and norm we will find greater success. Imagine a wheel with a hub and spokes. The hub is you, the spokes are communication to the outer rim of relationships. You are primary in the configuration of hub and spokes. Relationships are like this. Make your hub positive and expect the best.

  • Be friendly and authentic
  • Be interested, Ask questions
  • Appreciate their life story, walk in their shoes
  • Accept
  • They are competent, find reasons to compliment
  • Be open about yourself
  • Find opportunities to invest time
  • Be confident and trustworthy
  • Be Accountable
  • Enjoy