Boerne, Texas USA

Sales – It is the engine of commerce

How might effective selling practices affect your business? Have you received training in selling? I mean after that course in college… We don’t like that fast talking salesman. I call the type a gunslinger who tends to say whatever is needed to get the deal. We know what we don’t want, but do we know how to perform the sales role with a positive approach? We must get out and compete. Can we define our sales model?

Some say it is about grabbing their attention. Sales starts with a mission statement and an elevator pitch. Others believe it is about closing technique. We have all heard the old saying “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” What does that mean in your business? We will learn that sales is the art of aligning in a relationship. We align the most basic part of the sale, the benefit. We call it the Why. We will learn to seek Who, Where, What, How and Why. Selling skills made easy. Whether your business provides a service or is a product, this approach has value. It can be accomplished in months or minutes.

Selling is about building a relationship, inquiring and listening for their needs. Once you have shown that you care and have earned their trust, you have a positive start. Learning their needs, what they are looking for and how they will use it and why they want it are all basic steps. Can you align to help them? They may have positive needs and may also have needs that are based on fear. Inquire to discover what, how and why. Can you align your solution to help them on the positive and also align to protect, provide a defense for them from the fear or the negative? You are there to help. No high pressure, the fancy closing dogmas. When you learn to be intentional, to help others, to build trust in a relationship, you can move the bar in sales. This is high probability selling. If your solution doesn’t align, tell them it doesn’t and move on to the next relationship that can align.