Boerne, Texas USA

Personality Types - Silver

Description of SILVER – Amiable

• Kind-hearted people who avoid conflict, they place a high premium on getting along
• Often quiet and soft-spoken, they can be quite gregarious when in a small setting of friends or comfortable relationships
• Can blend into any situation well
• Always away of their immediate surroundings and can be highly sensitive
• Seeks cooperation between individuals and groups as a very high priority.
• Enjoy a wide range of friends and acquaintances and are accomplished at staying in touch with a higher number of relationships
They enjoy personal relationships and to be appreciated by others. They are easygoing, look for the support of others, not a big risk taker, makes carful decisions and can appear to be slow or undecided. They are trusting, patient, somewhat passive, easygoing, even-keeled and are motivated by their own personal recognition.

Window into the Office of the SILVER

You will notice pictures of loved ones on the desk of husband, wife, kids, extended family and favorite pets. They will be in organized and they will love to talk about them. One the walls will be pictures of waterfalls, sunsets, things that are flowing. The office colors will be warm and soft. Furniture will be fashionable, look good then maybe functional, not pretentious. Files are stacked, present and typically out of the way. If your late or early, it will not frustrate them.

When selling to SILVER

They are all about people. Highly responsive, they are sensitive to others’ feelings, are patient and relationship-oriented. Use of silence will give them time to join the conversation as sometimes they are quite thoughtful (some might call it slow) with responses. Unlike BRASS or PLATINUM, they are interested in the personal lives of those they come in contact with, not just current/close friends but also acquaintances, colleagues and historical relationships. Sales-folks will find it easy to strike a conversation about their personal lives. Expect they will be the best team players and know they prefer personal contact from you, not your admin or boss. Expect to be enticed into a discussion about events in your life and they will share events in theirs. Don’t be surprised when they invite you to charity events or other activities they are involved in. They are great to develop as internal coaches and will play the role over a very long time period. However realize they will avoid conflict and will rarely speak out in disagreement in public. When in doubt, ask their opinion: “You have great insights”, or “Tell me more” or “Others have issues with this plan – but what do you think?”
• Be relaxed and agreeable
• Maintain the status quo
• Be logical and systemic
• Create a plan with written guidelines
• Be prepared to answer “Why” questions
• Be predictable
• Agree clearly and often
• Use the word “we”
• Don’t push or rush
• Compliment as a team player
• Be a good active listener