Boerne, Texas USA
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What is the profile of an ideal customer for your business? The ideal customer is a profile of characteristics that are available to measure any potential new customer against. Most companies operate from a basic theme of capacity to pay, and suitable for the product. An Ideal customer profile can have a much greater value. It defines the best fit for new customers and your company, including the products and services. It provides management a consistent platform to direct sales and marketing investment without involvement in each decision and plan. Characteristics can be industry, geographic and other demographics as well as company lifecycle (growing, mature, decline). It can also involve buyer motivations, interest, outcomes, budget, etc. At an extremely high level, it is a customer who can be helped by your involvement, one who needs what you sell, one whose need fits your delivery and accepts your delivery with your method. Also the location is good, there is leverage for both parties in the deal, personal decision factors are aligned and the price is right. These customers may be the potential for additional deals.