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Cayce Piggyback2

Every day, I am learning to love life. Currently I inspire entrepreneurs and folks who run companies on a journey to more effective successes and a greater peace in life.

As CEO/Entrepreneur, my first venture began January 1995 in a 50-50 partnership (both recently divorced from Price Waterhouse) with $150,000 in venture capital to form a technology consulting organization. I became convinced that Bill Gates had magic in a box and based our practice on Microsoft’s latest tools for NT Server which Bill Gates believed would change the world and end the dominance of the Mainframe. Within a year, we transformed the business into an Incubator for Internet Company startups. In the course of 5 years we lifted 20+ Newco’s and Bricks/Mortar expansions from idea, to value definition, to business plan and over $50MM in start-up venture capital. Our developers were instrumental in designing the core technology for each start-up and I recruited and built their initial organizations. At year 3, we started our own venture. which Price Waterhouse valued my share at $70MM in 1998 and there were opportunities to collect on that price. My partners were not ready to sell. It was unfortunate my partners were not ready to sell. It was unfortunate. When we sold in 2000, the market drop also caused a significant valuation loss. Our venture quickly merged into Walgreens. Since this first success, I have personally funded the following ventures:

  • SpindleTek LLC, the SAP consultancy sold to CCI after 7 years and the company transitioned to coaching small business owners and key executives;
  • Physicians Green and Growing a DBA, which has 20 years of R&D preparing to instill clarity and integrity in the relationship between doctor, patient and insurance;
  • E&P BackOffice a DBA which was merged into a software company;
  • JMES Enterprises, LLC which currently provides an Executive advisory for Transportation and EAM disciplines with deep ties in SAP to support high growth organizations;
  • JimmyLyn’s Catering and BBQ a hobby business which currently occupies my wife’s time;
  • Symphonic Technologies offering software solutions for EAM and Maintenance Scheduling my shares were sold to my partner to allow me to more away from technology.

My first consultant experience was at Price Waterhouse where I was hired in 1988 as the first salesperson ever in the Partnership, to teach Partners and Sr. Managers how to sell. I arrived with the last 3 consulting clients frustrated to the point of legal action, 20 consultants in the practice and helped them grow to 300 consultants in 4 years with no additional legal issues…. Projects were typically over a 3 to 5 year timeframe and were typically started with $10+MM budget.

My past client list is who’s who of Fortune 500 companies like Exxon, Mobil, ExxonMobil, BP, Arco, Conoco, Phillips, ConocoPhillips, Hess, Valero, UDS, Tesoro, CPS, PG&E, Volvo, Burlington Northern, AT&T, Union Pacific, Bank of America, Chase, Aetna, United Healthcare, Harris Methodist HMO, UPS, Bombay, Radio Shack, Compaq, HP, United Foods, Kroger, Foremost and the list can continue. I have also worked with a host of family owned and venture capital driven high growth companies.

Brian Black – Energy Leadership


Brian Black is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Practitioner in administering the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. Brian’s belief is that energy is the intangible component of performance and determines how productive you will be in everything you do. He communicates to others that energy is at the core of thoughts, emotions, and actions that relate to how people see themselves, those around them, and the world itself. His guidance and leadership reveals to others that the more energy you have available, the higher the potential will be for an extraordinary performance.

Brian is a graduate of Baylor University where he received his undergraduate degree in Health & Human Performance. In addition, he received his Master’s degree form Baylor in Educational Psychology. He combines the two in order to help others increase their performance and productivity in all they do. He has spent time working with both athletes and business owners create a success formula that motivates his clients to take it to the next level. Brian is a member of the International
Coach’s Federation and also a graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in coaching.

Sam Warren, Licensed Professional Counselor

Head shot 2015

Sam Warren is a Pastor, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach with nearly 40 years of experience in church, mental health and business settings. Training in the areas of personal, spiritual and leadership development, strategic planning and administration are his key focus areas. He currently serves as Minister of Care and Growth for the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX, where he has ministered for over 18 years, providing oversight and support of the church’s care and discipleship ministries.

Sam, and his wife, Joni, have four outstanding children and four wonderful grandchildren. They currently make their home in Boerne, TX.




Cayce Fagala, Licensed Professional Counselor


Cayce is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist. She studied under Gary Landreth, considered the father of play therapy, and has applied this craft with children and adults.   Her experience ranges from working with disadvantaged children at Christ Haven for Children, to a private practice in Colleyville, TX, comprised of children & adults. She worked with individuals, couples and families.

The last 5 years Cayce has been President and in charge of daily operations for Jimmy Lyn’s Catering, which specializes in Smoked Meats for large Business Events and Weddings.   Her success in this venture was recently recognized by being named “Best of the Knot” in the wedding industry for the San Antonio area.

Cayce and Jimmy have 3 children with one living at home. Their oldest is married and serves as a school teacher in Abilene, Texas. Our son graduates from ACU with a Masters in Accounting in May 2015 and plans to join Ernst and Young in June.   Our youngest daughter is a junior at Champion High School in Boerne.