Boerne, Texas USA
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It can be measured and improved.

There can be two sphere or attitudes toward a positive, happy and confident nature. There is the visible physical world of work, family, friends, church and social. Basically all of the relationships that we contact and connect with in our daily lives are part of the physical. There is a 2nd world in our mind. In this world our imagination can go wild. It is a visual world that for some can become a perceived part of their physical world. Most business training seeks to improve the physical world. To make a lasting change in fulfillment, confidence and ultimately happiness, it is that virtual world, the inner voice that must be trained to be positive. We call it positive energy. Today, it can be measured and changed. Improving our inner energy can have lasting effect and benefits in all of our relationships, especially in our business lives.

  • Confidence – it attracts new relationships
    • Being positive and confident is a huge foundation to attract new relationships. As we begin to understand a new relationship, it is easy for us to accept and respect where they are when we are secure in our own right. Our own insecurity can echo from our lack of confidence, affecting the relationship strength. Confidence can be learned. Like being content, happy, it is a choice. We can seek and find a confident nature.
  • Stay in your strengths
    • A big part of integrity is to be confident and operate in our own strength. Most people can quickly identify when we are faking it. When we develop the habit of being confident and positive in our strength, others will quickly identify this as well and it attracts their mutual confidence in our ability.
  • Magnet
    • Positive Confidence is a magnet for helpful relationships. We are able to meet new contacts with expectant hope and trust. Often new business relationships increase invitations to potential deals we might never have access to otherwise.