Boerne, Texas USA


Lessons learned from executive consulting to the Fortune 500.

In 30 years as an executive consultant to the Fortune 500, I witnessed many successful management tactics and strategies. I also witnessed a number of pitfalls. One area of success that small business owner can take value from is the thought of developing leaders. Successful companies recognize strong leadership from the younger folks in the ranks and they cultivate and grow those skills intentionally. Leadership skills are developed initially for the individual style. As the personal leadership skills flourish, the next level of development is relational. These skills are developed in the supervisor and manager roles of a major corporate environment. Annual reviews, 360 reviews of peers, managers and employees are all part of this process. Weekly and monthly status meetings and special projects are also used to develop leadership skills. Eventually the individual is considered ready to groom as an Executive. At this point the individual has developed several internal mentors and also has developed a number of peer relationships to help them develop and to gain political favor and influence.

Small company executives do not have the benefit of the resources available to develop Executive skills like a major corporation. The Executive End Zone has developed a pattern and process to our meetings to help provide development opportunities. It is the personal choice of each member to accept the challenges to grow. It is all about you. Your readiness to learn and grow. Your ability to accept the challenges presented by peers. Your ability to be truthful and authentic and present the real challenges that keep you up nights. It is your choice. Your opportunity. It is about you.