Boerne, Texas USA

Levels of Energy

Our approach will expose 7 levels of Energy. We each are operating on a Catabolic and/or Anabolic level. The levels help us understand how we approach relationships, conflict and setbacks. At level 1 we are concerned with self protection and the sympathy of others. Assuming responsibility is difficult and blaming anything is the norm. Change is disruptive. They can read “Who Moved My Cheese” and not get it. We all know folks that are at this level. At Level 7 the folks at this level can create opportunity from any situation. All things in the world are connected. There is really not a good and bad, just the experience of life in this world and an opportunity to influence it. A setback is an opportunity. Failure is an opportunity. Conflict is an opportunity.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle. Our level can be determined by testing. It can be measured. As an Executive Consultant I always advised that if something can be measured, it can be improved. Finding a path or process to measure is the first step in improvement. We can improve our Energy and in turn our Leadership skills.