Boerne, Texas USA
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Seeking mutual trust and respect starts with alignment. New relationships often start with all parties in defense mode until a minimal level of respect and trust is banked. Strong successful relationships find alignment early and often. It isn’t a place meaning once earned it always exists. Alignment is a constant process to be learned and mastered. The following are successful steps in the process.

  • Inquire & Listen
  • Seek to Understand their what, how, why
  • Learn their story and truth
  • Tell your story, your what, how and why
  • Seek what is in common
  • Find alignment
  • Seek Win -Win

Learning and applying knowledge of personality tendencies can be helpful in the process. Tools like DISC and Myers-Briggs have some complexity to apply but can have significant value. At Executive End Zone, we have applied a simpler approach. See Tendencies for more information

  • Building & Partnering
  • Ideal Customer – Their needs and your needs
  • Leveraging TEAM in deals
  • Differences can lead to Conflict – listen to understand