Boerne, Texas USA

Personality Types - Platinum

Description of PLATINUM – Analyst

  • Seek to improve and perfect, analyze all facts before making the most informed decisions, they are highly detail oriented
  • Can be quiet and introspective and detail oriented compared to other quadrants
  • Have strong communication skills, deep vocabulary and will communicate within social boundaries understanding when they can or should not limit their vocabulary
  • Can have difficulty make a decision when ALL of the facts are not known. When facts are lacking, they can be seen as critical
  • Are well aware of their immediate surroundings, they are VERY PERCEPTIVE.
  • May have fewer “friends and acquaintances” than other quadrants but the people they engage with are long, meaningful friendships.

They see things in a very analytical way. They like facts, details, numbers, and are oriented to the bottom line. They are neat, follow the rules, are well organized and stick to the schedule. They are sticklers for detail, and are not risk-takers. They expect timeliness. When accepted into their circle, they are trusting, patient, not assertive, somewhat passive, easygoing, even paced, motivated by their own internal recognition, and calculating.

Window into the Office of the PLATINUM

They typically will have worn out his or her eyes from constantly reading everything. On the wall expect to see their accomplishments like a framed degree. The other decorations may be charts, figures and graphs of current issues. No flowers or a plant in this office, they belong in a garden or greenhouse… The desk will be littered with business-related information, but it will be carefully arranged, structured into a system and organized. It is a functional office.

When selling to PLATINUM

Like BRASS, they see the world through the lense of logic, reason, numbers, facts, prestige, previous experiences, absolutes, position & titles, how fast they can progress, external trappings, and all of these aspect will affect what they think about you and your company.

The highest interest or priority is in acquiring a mass of details and facts, which they carefully analyze in a structured approach to arrive at the best decision.
They place a premium on facts and accuracy which they expect from everyone they encounter, especially the sales-folk who they will quickly dismiss. Once they have “everything”, they will quickly fly into the cloud and won’t resurface until they have worked everything through, often completely on their own. Don’t expect small talk on personal topics. Seek common relationships, hobbies, or sports teams for conversation. To gain their trust, it pays to be on time with follow-ups such as memos, calls, meetings, proposals, etc.
To sell effectively to a PLATINUM, remember just a few key words:

  • accuracy,
  • precision, and
  • punctuality.

To develop a successful relationship, get good at cutting to the chase or just get right to the point. Be prepared, and be confident they will tell you when you are not. Keep communications precise and be ready to back it up with hard facts.

  • Be systematic, thorough, deliberate and precise
  • Focus on the task
  • Be prepared to answer many how and why questions
  • Provide analysis and facts
  • Don’t get too personal
  • Recognize and acknowledge the need to be accurate and logical
  • Don’t rush unnecessarily
  • Expect to repeat yourself
  • Allow time for evaluation
  • Use lots of evidence
  • Compliment the precision and accuracy of the completed work