Boerne, Texas USA
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Courage to Learn & Grow

Are you ready to be challenged? Is your world flat or round? Who will tell you otherwise? Do your ideas originate from your pond or a Sea of insight? Consider the challenge of being pressed by a group of peers. Successful business leaders whose only purpose is to create value in the form of new ideas and insights for you to select from, analyze, focus and implement in your business.

It's Lonely at the Top, Who is there for you?

Effective leadership demands separation. Maybe your experience is like mine. As a fellow CEO, I have felt the isolation that leadership creates. Someone has to make the tough decisions that affect others. No one gives a mulligan for mistakes. The consequences, the cost is on me – you. Friends are helpful, but really don't understand. A Coach or consultant, the lawyer, accountant are great advisors, but really are there for the fee.
Who is there for you? Imagine a room of 12 peers, who are seeking someone like you to be there for them. A group of 12 who meet monthly. A support group, a challenge group, a place where you cannot hide, but are always accepted. Peer Advisors, Peer friends.

Who is on your team? What might you learn?

It is difficult to improve your swing without a picture of the issue. Athletes from High School to the Pros are pressed to improve reviewing the evidence of their performance and their plan to get better. Their team is the group of peers invested in the individual athlete's success. Leaders in the Fortune 500 get similar challenges from their team. Who is on your team? It is hard to improve in small business without the source of challenge and accountability. Are you ready for the challenge of Peers to press you toward your End Zone? The Exec EZ isn't easy, it is fun, dynamic, challenging and especially rewarding.

The group will focus on a few specific activities each month specifically to increase knowledge and skill.

1. We will learn and increase our positive energy

2. Increase our sales skills to increase revenues

3. Increase our return on relationships

4. Learn from the management Pitfalls from the Fortune 500

5. Grow from the case studies worked in the room

Best Practices, Clarity on your plan

Where do you seek best practices? From your own research, from a coach? Imagine a room with over 200 years of experience. What insight might they offer that you aren't considering? Isn't it time to leave the classroom of Hard Knocks and find a room that can offer greater clarity and new ideas to meet todays challenges? What lies behind you is not as important as what lies in front of you.

Do you qualify for the selection process?

The Executive End Zone is comprised of select leaders. Not everyone who asks to join is accepted. We are inviting individual leaders who run companies based on the following criteria:

1. Have the Courage to Learn and Grow
2. Accept diversity of opinion and thought
3. Have a pay it forward ethic
4. Prepared to be authentic with self and others
5. Capable of being pressed to recieve value and give value.

Do you have the knowledge to succeed?

What role does executive knowledge have in the success and failure of small businesses? In this way it is all about you. How long has it been since your last big costly mistake? How much experience can you draw from? Is that experience from a pond, a lake or an Ocean? How many opportunities have you missed working from your pond of experience?

Imagine trading the School of Hard Knocks to gain clarity and valuable insights from fellow CEOs, a Leadership Forum of small company Executives who a stretching to add value, new insights, new ideas to your issues and Strategic Planning. Leave the School of Hard Knocks. Find a place that presses you to learn and grow, that helps you identify and avoid the pitfalls.

Can you win more often? Are Increased margins possible?

When will your next big opportunity come? Will you be ready to win the deal? What if you trained your team like an athletes trains, continuously, with Sales and Marketing strategies leveraged by large successful sales teams. Might your team learn from collective sales strategy sessions from your group of peers? What idea or insight might you introduce to your customer to increase the value of your relationship. How might that affect the relationship? Can you learn to align your message with the Value a customer will pay for? Large companies train continuously to capture a growing share of business. You can too. The leadership forum is the place.

What if you improved on the Strategic Opportunities?

Where do you want to be in 3 – 5 years? How will you get there? Imagine you are in a season staying up at night analyzing the opportunities. Now you are in a room of peers who know that nervous feeling and can challenge and grow your thoughts. We are the team that will help you see around the corner, avoid potential pitfalls and take advantage of the next wave. How might you experience more effective successes? How will that feel?

Are customers satisfied?

The market rapidly changes. The value your customer originally purchased from you gets superceded by new opportunities. How will you adapt, respond? Are you in position to recognize the change as the customer identifies new needs and value opportunities? Who helps you see around the corner for future demands, to keep you in the running forward with positive energy, in good fortune? To reach for the new, can you let go of the old?

Positive Thoughts!

What role can positive energy play in your future success?  How many weeks has it been since you moved away from a person with negative thoughts and energy?  Not long ago right?  When was the last time you were turned off and moved away from a person with positive energy?  Can you remember a specific example?  Can you learn to increase your positive energy?  Yes, positive thinking can now be measured.   What can be measured, can be improved.  What if you can find your A game every day?  What if you can teach your team the same?  How might this change their lives?  Your business?  Your life?   Learn more here.