Boerne, Texas USA

Personality Types - Brass

Description of BRASS – Director

• Get the Job Done as expediently as possible
• Drivers who know how to take control, focused on the objective or results
• Always busy and typically limited on time, communicates quickly and TO THE POINT
• Results Oriented, can be quiet and introspective and are skilled at taking abstract ideas and organize into action plan to accomplish results.
• Open communicators they will quickly press social boundaries to gain results sometimes viewed as brusque or lacking tact, they do not shy away from conflict.

Likes to be blunt, direct, and to the point. Are focused on results, they make decisions quickly, are most comfortable in a power position. They are independent and forceful and love “can do” challenges. They are assertive, distrusting, impatient, energetic, high energy, motivated mostly by external recognition, impulsive and fast paced.

Window into the Office

You will notice it is a PRESTIGE office, preferably a corner office. Pictures on the wall or desk may have one or two of family, all formal professional taken shots. Other pictures but may be of battlefields, maps and boats and most likely chosen by a paid decorator or interior designer. Expect they will work on other stuff like approvals and signatures, taking short important interruptions. Office furniture will be power and control, expensive and incredible. Any plants will be exotic or impressive. It will say, I AM IMPORTANT, get to the point and don’t waste my time.

When selling to BRASS

They are decisive, enthusiastic and prefer to be in control. They like quick action, using the information that is immediately available. They speak forcefully and prefer discussing things verbally. Expect quick abrupt bursts of conversation. You will feel their GET TO THE POINT attitude right away….
Typically require the complete attention and sales-folks need to listen if not document and mirror (concept of active listening) their thoughts and ideas. Given the penchant for direct action, often sales-folks will find it is easiest to help them find the fastest route to get to their objective or gain the intended results. A sure sign of a BRASS / BRONZE is somebody who calls you and, without any sense of small talk, launches into a discussion of an issue. In a cold call, they will use words like get to it, I’m a busy person, what do you have….
To create a successful relationship with a BRASS / BRONZE, sales-folks need to focus on facts not feelings. When empowering as an “Internal Coach” type relationship, it is useful to offer a range of different courses of action and then let them choose the most suitable one. It is also important to set up an arrangement where you periodically check in on their progress. If you don’t do this, tracking their efforts can be challenging.
• Be relaxed and agreeable
• Focus on the task
• Talk about expected results
• Be businesslike and factual
• Provide concise, precise and organized information
• Discuss and answer “what” questions
• Argue facts, not feelings
• Don’t waste time
• Don’t argue details, they don’t care
• Provide options