Boerne, Texas USA


This concept is modeled after CEO Groups but is designed specifically for Small Business. CEO Groups have their origin with groups lead by industrial psychologists and LPC’s. As the concept gained in popularity, more groups formed and the model was challenged because there were not enough qualified professionally trained professionals to lead the group of business owners and CEO’s. Each concept eventually changed their model to have successful businessmen lead group. This is an effective approach, but it leaves behind the original foundational thought that business leaders are most frequently blocked in their growth by personal challenges and shortcomings. Psychologists and LPC’s are trained to deal with those personal blocks.

As an Executive consultant, I witnessed in each organization individuals who get promoted beyond their capability. They have the talent to perform, but something holds them back. My experience indicated the shortcoming was often their own personal stories, their personal blocks held them hostage. Worse, they often lost their positions and are moved aside, or pushed out. It isn’t popular to seek professional help. Those that identify their personal challenges and deal with them before they become visible to their organizations, find a much greater level of success.

Our approach has this intent. To provide clarity and insight to each member to help them grow. In the room will be multiple leaders. We have the Business Leader, LPC’s and Energy Coach participating with each team.