Boerne, Texas USA

Team Selling - Sales

Complex requirements and/or delivery, OR
Large $$$, OR
Decision involves consensus progression, OR
Many buying advocates, OR

  • Executive Sponsor = Can say yes, fund, controls budget
  • Advocates = Seek to Influence Executive Sponsor, Can carry a recommendation or proposal
  • Gatekeeper = Can only say no or block deal
  • Coach = provide insight. internal and external voice of insight and ideas for solution alignment

Strategic deals require varying levels of planning and analysis to increase success close ratio.

  • Standardize the sales process and language
  • Define and document alignment for a sales team
  • Leverage existing and extended relationships and investments
  • Predict position in a deal
  • Decide if/when/why to proceed (Value determination, cost of sale)
  • Determine if Customer Why can be achieved effectively
  • Track and learn from success or failure on each deal