Boerne, Texas USA

Case Study Playbook

The case study methodology was pioneered by the Harvard Business School faculty to rapidly increase a students skill to analyze root cause and unpack issues, develop judgment skills and make difficult decisions. Harvard calls this the hallmark of skillful leadership. How much more effective when you are the student and the subject is your business. Teams meet monthly. Each member brings the challenge they face in their business. It may be affecting the strategic plan, it may be an operational or employee challenge, it may be a personal issue that is blocking their success. Fellow members create the magic in the room. The room prioritizes which case studies they will work. The member will present their challenge. The room asks questions, analyzes root cause, inquires, seeks to understand, unpacks the issue. Once fully understood, the room will help the member determine if a personal block, a mis-truth in their personal story is clouding their judgment. Are their times when you don’t see the world around you like others do? You sky may be pink, your world flat, the weather stormy. Everyone in the room sees it different that you, they know the sky is blue, the world is round and the weather is bright and sunny. How can you see what they see? Our process will help you take those blocks and bring them from your gut to your intellect. Our coaching sessions will seek to go deeper and help you let go of the block, to find a new level of positive energy. Back to the Case Study. Once the room understands and the issue at hand, the room will provide potential actionable solutions. The member will choose which from the list he will take action on. These become an action plan. Other members will volunteer to serve as a Causation Board and follow-up with the member. The Causation Board will make certain the solutions are having a positive impact. The impact of the action plan may cause new issues to surface. If so, the Team will want to provide new insights to support the Member with their action plan so the Member action will be successful. The Member and the Board volunteers will each report the finding of the action at the next meetings. So unlike a Business School, we will benefit from seeing success in action and thwarting bad decisions before they become costly mistakes.