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Background - Return On Relationships

Is your knowledge of human tendencies from your intuition, from the school of Hard Knocks? Can you as a Leader expand your influence, gain more effective success, as you consistently learn and align the what, how and why people do the things they do?
What examples can you think of when you felt a strong need to feel:

  • Accepted
  • Competent
  • Cared For
  • Growing
  • Involved in a larger community
  • Part of something greater than yourself

We naturally attract relationships that can help us grow. Others seek a relationship with us for their own growth. The relationships are seeking these basic human needs as we are also. How do we provide:

  1. Acceptance,
  2. Acknowledge their Competence
  3. Care about them individually.

Our close relationships, like employees, customers, vendors, contractors and even the newer relationships, the prospective customers are all seeking these attributes in a relationship. But these are not the sole attributes. We each individually have patterns of attributes that we have adopted as part of our personal story. The individual patters make some relationships more comfortable for us than others, these are communication patterns, thought patterns, speech patterns, regional patterns, diet patterns, humor patterns, religious patterns the list could go on and on. So we as leaders need to be cognizant of other external behavior patterns that make each individual unique.
Professional counselors have a term for this in a relationship with our significant other. It’s called IMAGO. The thought is we may select our spouse intellectually, but we connected with them subconsciously first. The magnetic attraction beyond the physical desire is the emotional desire to find a significant relationship who can help us grow. We feel they may have personal strengths that compliment our own, they represent a composite or our childhood caretakers. They may have areas that are clearly different, but also have many traits that are exceptionally similar.
Members in the Executive End Zone will over the course of months will notice some relationships are deeper, they have a new understanding of what makes others tick. How might this knowledge become an asset for you, attracting a greater number of relationships and finding new value in current relationships.